Experience seamless, safe, and reliable parking across outlets in Nigeria

Imagine a hassle-free parking experience, where you can effortlessly arrive at your destination and hand over your keys to a trained professional. That's the power of our website's valet service.

Features that set us apart from our competitors

Safety and security
Our trained professionals handle your vehicle with the utmost care, ensuring it's parked securely and monitored throughout your stay.
Hassle-free parking
Whether you're attending a special event, or exploring a vibrant city, our valet service is the key to unlocking a stress-free parking experience
Personalized service
Our professional attendants are committed to providing a tailored experience that exceeds your expectations.
Trust us to make every moment memorable, as we redefine the way you park and unlock the true potential of your precious time. Park like a VIP, and let us cater to your parking needs with unparalleled professionalism and a touch of elegance. Welcome to a world where parking becomes an exquisite experience
Mohammed-Ashraf Abubakar
Founder, Valet NG

Reservation & Booking

Here is a step by step guide on how to book a valet parking reservation with Valet NG.
  • Choose your event location
    Contact us on Instagram @Valetng_ or simply call us on +2348180107902, let us know your event venue and capacity
  • Pick your date and time
    Reserve your valet service effortlessly, choosing the perfect date and time for your schedule. This guarantees the parking you need, avoiding last-minute rushes
  • Provide Your Vehicle Details
    Personalize your valet experience by sharing your vehicle details. Trust our trained professionals to handle your car with utmost care and respect.
  • Additional Services
    Looking for that extra touch of pampering? Add on optional services like car washing, detailing, or even a warm welcome with red carpet treatment. Customize your experience to make it truly memorable.

Our parking services are available across several location

Restaurants Hotels
  • Educational Institutions

    Educational institutions can be sprawling and crowded, making finding parking spaces a challenge, especially during peak hours. Valet NG provides a convenient solution by allowing users to drop off their vehicles at designated valet stations, eliminating the need to search for parking spots.
  • Event Venues

    At Valet NG our top priority is to eliminate the hassle of searching for parking spaces, especially in crowded event venues. Car owners can simply drive to the venue entrance, hand over their keys to our trained valet attendant, and proceed to enjoy the event without worrying about finding a parking spot
  • Restaurant

    Valet NG offers parking services at restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria. Allowing customers park their cars seamlessly. Our clients don't have to spend time searching for parking spaces, especially in busy urban areas or crowded restaurant districts in Lagos State. Valet attendants take care of finding a parking spot, saving customers time and hassle.
  • Hotels

    Our Valet services eliminate the need for guests to search for parking spaces, deal with parking meters, or walk long distances from a parking lot to the hotel entrance.

Got questions?

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Valet NG Services
  • Valet NG is currently available only in Lagos, Nigeria. As time goes on Valet NG woud extend to other states in Nigeria.
  • Our attendants are well trained professionals as we only select the best persons for the job.
  • Check out how our valet services work here.